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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I wish Paul Krugman would write less about the Democratic nomination
because I generally agree with him and, have now decided I disagree with him on that.

Still he does make it interesting writing


One measure of how crazy people on at least one side of the Democratic nomination struggle have become: I’ve gotten a number of complaints that the end of my last — entirely non-political — column, “hope is not a plan,” was a swipe at Obama.

Evidently some people think Obama discovered the concept of hope. Wow. And somehow political junkies managed to miss the 139,436* times Atrios wrote that with reference to Iraq.

Now that is just silly. Of course Hope is not a plan. Hope is a small town in Arkansas where the aliens implanted their demon seed in an unsuspecting woman who like to go to dog races. Obama didn't invent hope. He is just the only hope we have to resist the irresistable galactization of trade and the nefarious NAFTA (Nebulae and Andromeda Free Trade Area) and Austan Goolsbee was communicating with the Magellenic clouds because he happens to have friends there.

And who is this Krugman guy calling crazy ?

* 34 times he refered to the FUBAR middle east so it may have been Lebanon or Gaza or Ahmedinejad's head or ....

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