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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I hate double consonants.

First, my last name is waldmann (I guess you know that if you got here) and most people spell it Waldman. On the other hand, I think I would be about the 10th most prominent progressive political addict blogger named Waldman, but, as far as I know, fairly high ranking among Waldmann's.

Second in Italian double consonants are used. Italians claim they can hear the difference between single and double consonants (they even agree on which consonants are double and do so even before they learn how to read). I absolutely can't (like japanese with r and l say). So I can't spell in Italian either. This is serious, because Italian is so phonetic that it is very unusual for functionally literate people to be bad spellers.

Finally, I got scared reading soon after reading this post at Atrios about Lt. Gov. David Paterson of New York who might replace client 9 any time now. He is African American.

Then I looked at Atrios's post about a totally idiotic accusation that the Clinton campaign is as racist as D.W. Griffith. I highlighted the link
and saw the word Patterson. I was afraid of stupid conflict between the governor and junior senator of New York.

Then I clicked the link and found that it was just Orlando Patterson being Orlando Patterson (let's just say that among the Harvard faculty he is outstandingly dick-headed)

damnn I gott tto llearnn to readd.

I do prefer double letters to triple letters. Nothing against AAA. PPP is just a false hypothesis, but the triple letter in the headline of Atrios's post is too obscene for a family blot.

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