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Monday, March 03, 2008

Brad at Sadly No is Sadly naive.

he doesn't understand that Obama plans to destroy the Republican party by appointing Republican Senators to the Cabinet.

He writes stuff. I reply.

You don't get it. Don't worry, Bill Clinton didn't get it and he is a genius. Senators are very powerful. Cabinet (some)ecretaries have power somewhere between that of the average secretary (lots if their boss is dumb) and that of the average cabinet (made of wood noticed only if it catches on fire). Clinton's worst mistake was making Senator Lloyd Bentson (D-Tex) a mere secretary and giving his very precious seat to Kay Baily Forehead.

Now Nebraska and Indiana are not promising territories for Democrats, but you know semi Democrat Ben Nelson represents Indiana.

The name of the game is "get to 60" and any means are fair. Obama plans to play to win.

OK OK he should appoint Olimpia to be UN embassatrix and Collins (if, heaven forfend, she is re-elected) embassatrix to the moon, but he can't be too obvious.


PGL said...

Sweet! But I cannot imagine how screwed we would have been had Kay Baily Forehead had become Treas. Sec.!

Ken Houghton said...

Uh, Ben "It's Good for W to Be King" Nelson is NOT (am I screaming loudly enough?) a Hoosier of any stripe (says this former one).

He's from Nebraska, and they can keep him.

Put Lugar in the Cabinet and Mitch "I can screw up this budget at fifty paces" Daniels names his successor. Put DINO Nelson or Hagel in the cabinet and (if he's re-elected) Dave Heineman appoints a Republican in his place.

Tell me again how this gets CLOSER to 60?

Robert said...

Ken Sorrryyy. I don't know how I managed to type that. Of course I meant "Nebraska" not "Indiana."

Also, I forgot that Hagel is retiring.