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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Obama Campaign Mistook Nedra Pickler for a Journalist.

This makes me worry about their sanity.

Obamaniac Mark Kleiman quotes an excellent and very convincing article by Neil Macdonald which describes how Obama was unfairly maligned by Canadian diplomats and reporters and, of course, the inevitable Nedra Pickler.

I'll skip the part about how Canadian diplomats admit there is no basis for any leaked claim suggesting Obama was a hypocrite and go to the amazing colossal blunder which makes me wonder what the hell they have been doing while I was reading blogs.

The Obama campaign countered by having Goolsbee speak on the record with Nedra Pikler of the Associated Press.

Nedra Pickler !?!?!?! They decided to try to refute a false accusation by talkign to Nedra Pickler ?!?!?!? what's next ? Seeking policy advice from Kim Il Jong ? Asking Mahmoud Ahmedinijad how to get on good terms with Israel ? Ask Karl Rover how to avoid negative campaigning ?!? Of all the journalists in the world, they decided to have Goolsbee talk to Nedra Pickler !!!!
the result is obvious to anyone who has followed her career.

Having secured the embassy's repudiation of DeMora's summary, he confidently told the AP he was misrepresented.

"This thing about 'it's more about political positioning than a clear articulation of policy plans,' that's this guy's language,'' Goolsbee said of DeMora. "He's not quoting me. I certainly did not use that phrase in any way."

Damage control not working

But the damage control backfired. Pickler obtained and published the relevant excerpts of the DeMora summary and these were brandished by the Clinton campaign as evidence of the original hypocrisy.

Canadian diplomats, under orders to remain silent, could only watch in anguish as the Obama campaign flailed and the wording of the memo they had acknowledged was flawed continued to drive the storm.

What a shock. Pickler spun the news to the point of lying. Who would have guessed.

I take solace in the thought that Obama just wanted to make the campaign exciting or something.

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