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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Karl Rove has Good Advice for The Democratic Candidate for President

Furthermore, the Rove recommended strategy is based on honesty. Strange but true.

The advice is "You don't attack their weaknesses. You attack their strengths." Very good advice as it is very easy to get the media to reach an inconclusion. Thus it was possible to make Kerry's war record in Vietnam a confused disputed matter and to make Gore's role in the development of the internet a weak point (my advice is don't ever dream that the press will do to your opponent what they did to Gore).

McCain's perceived strong point is that he is a straight talker. This includes two aspects. First that he is honest and second that he is resolute and does not bend with the wind. Since McCain tells unusually blatant lies and has bent all the way over for the right this year, it should be easy to attack McCain on this point. The McCain vs McCain ads write themselves (unlike the Kerry vs Kerry ads which required one distortion of the meaning of a statement by dishonest editing per video clip).

See Steve Benen, J. C. Christian and ... well it's shooting fish in a barrel so how will the Democrats manage to miss.

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