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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Defending Friedersdorf by Mocking Waldmann

Conor Friedersdorf will not vote for Obama because of Obama's violations of the bill of rights even though he thinks Romney is worse.

I say nonsense.  You go to the polling booth with the candidates you have not the candidates you want.  The duty of a citizen is to make the better choice that is the less bad choice.

So I reject some effort to stay pure saying we must consider the consequences of our actions for others when deciding what to do.  Considering what they say about ourselves is selfish.

I also think that no coherent consequentialist has ever voted, since the chance of making a difference is so tiny.  Democracy requires Kantian magical thinking where we imagine that all in our situation will do as we do.

So my critique of Friedersdorf is based on inassailable Kantian conserquentialism

Face plant.  I am such an oxymoron.

( I'm still voting for Obama who is, by Friedersdorf's standards, so much better than Washington, Jefferson, either Roosevelt or, especially, Lincoln who had US citizens killed without trial by the hundreds of thousands).

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