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Thursday, September 06, 2012

I hate re-Captcha

Like everyone I hate the captcha illegible letters one has to read to prove that one isn't a robot. I met it when commenting on Ed Kilgore (see below).  You know the one it says ReCAPTCHA stop spam read books with an arrow going aroudn and around and the one good part is the two arrows to ask for two more illegible "words"

The one redeeming feature used to be that one of the two words was often correctly spelled Italian. This made it easier for me to guess (altho my italiann speling aint up to stendard).

I think that after years of this some spammer noticed and programmed an Italian spell checker into the spambot.  In any case the second "word" I had to type to post comment on Kilgore below was
Atttone.  Atto is Italian for act. Attone would be a big act.  It's not real Italian, more like slang, but I typed it reflexively (I did it again before correcting myself in the line above).

so now ReCAPTCHA has no redeeming feature and has become a total hasssle.


EH said...

Perhaps this will change your opinion of captchas - the recaptcha. "ReCAPTCHA is currently in use by over 100,000 web sites and is transcribing over 40 million words per day.[16]"

Stephen Duke said...

ReCaptcha has its merits as a project but the user experience as with most captcha is poor.

The captcha developed by adscaptcha is probably the best out there at the moment. Its image based, can't be completed by spam bots and takes a couple of seconds to complete. Best of all bloggers get paid for every captcha that is completed.