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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Ed Rendell Lies like Paul Ryan

Rendell  is similar to Ryan

Rendell = Ryan

Ed Kilgore, acting like an inside the beltway reporter, considers the facts irrelevant.  He argues that Clintonites are not anti-Obama and, when doing so, repeats a lie written by Rendell without challenging it.

I lose my temper in comments.

As usual you are too kind to Clintonites.  My problem wth Rendell's statement "“How many Americans know that more than 40 percent of the stimulus spending was for tax cuts?“Hardly any, because it was never explained to them.”" is that it is absolutely false.  A lie.  along the lines of claiming he ran an under 3 hour marathon.

In fact Americans were told again and again and again that 40% of the stimulus was for tax cuts.  The claim that Obama didn't accurately claim, assert, report, and say that he and fellow Democrats had massively cut taxes is simply false. Rendell's claim is false and he must know that it is false.  He lied and slandered Obama.

Look I know only TV matters and I personally am not willing to google all TV stations.  But I did google Obama "tax cuts" at
and got approximately 34,400 hits.

Also, by the way, the Clinton's managed to use the bully pulpit to get support for health care reform from an overwhelming majority to a minority.

Your post demonstrates that Rendell is a liar who has nothing useful to contribute to any discussion.  But even as a Conservative discussing Paul Ryan, you ignore the facts entirely when discussing his lies.

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