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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Dougj full of hot air

Irony day continues.  Now Dougj at Balloon Juice entitles a post "

Facts are for the little people"

In that very post on contempt for mere facts he quotes Mark Halperin

 The Obama campaign believes it has neutralized the welfare attack. Romney is investing heavily in ads falsely claiming Obama gutted welfare reform. Dems initially viewed this as a threat. In their view, undecided voters were processing the attack as follows: The voters didn’t think this sounded like something Obama would do, but if it were true, it would worry them.
That’s why Dems responded so aggressively to debunk the claim;Dems believe the local press in the battlegrounds has handled the issue responsibly and has communicated clearly to undecided voters that it’s false.
then writes

I’m sure Clive Crook and Glenn Kessler and Charles Lane disapprove of the incivility of these actual journalists. 

In mere fact, Glenn Kessler rated the Romney campaign's claim about Obama and welfare a 4 Pinocchio lie.   Yes indeed his addiction to the "opinions differ on shape of planet" anti-prose style means he has to add the explanatory (for Romney) but there it is just above the 4 Pinocchios.

To be clear, I rate dougj's claim ust 3 Pinocchios :  totally and demonstrably false but not outrageous.

All things being equal, the Romney ad leans more toward four Pinocchios. There is something fishy about the administration’s process on this memorandum, but that does not excuse the Romney campaign’s over-the-top ad.
Four Pinocchios
(for Romney)

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