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Friday, September 28, 2012

Great LA Times fact

Jonathan Chait has a great find " Obama seems to be getting way more bang for his buck. Republicans are paying their staff twice the rate Democrats are paying theirs, "

Matea Gold of the LA Times has a solid gold story (based on the work of the un-named heroes and heroines of nerdosity at the Times Data Desk)

According to an analysis by the Times Data Desk, part of the Los Angeles Times, the Obama campaign had 901 people on its payroll last month, and paid them a median salary of $3,074 a month, or $36,886 a year.
The Romney campaign, in contrast, had 403 people on its payroll, and paid them a median salary of $6,437 in August, which would mean $77,250 a year.

Romney type bottom line "The Romney campaign spent $4.04 million on payroll in August -- nearly twice as much as it spent in July -- while the Obama campaign spent $4.37 million,"

Obama type bottom line

As Gordon Gecko didn't bother adding even if greed is good, it is expensive.

My favorite theory is that special interest lobbies and wingnut welfare are pricing the Republican party out of the White House.

But it could just be that Romney can't communicate with anyone who makes  less than $77,250  a year (actually from the campaign looks like he has trouble communicating with anyone who makes less than $500,000 a year)

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