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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cut and Paste Flame War

Bill Murray 09.27.12 at 3:27 pmIf you could find a number of examples of someone arguing “that it is always or definitionally the right thing to do” to vote for the Democrat this would look a lot less like whiny narcissism
Every time some faux-liberal like Scott Lemieux argues that Nader cost Gore the 2000 election, he is saying that liberals voting for anyone but the Democrat is wrong. There are lots more examples from others of these authoritarians who don’t believe that people have the right to vote differently from the way the authoritarian thinks they should.

Shorter Bill Murray *

"'examples of someone arguing '...always or definitionally...' ' ...

 the 2000 election, ..."

Even shorter Bill Murray "'always" = 2000."

Arguing with people too pure to vote for either of the candidates with a chance of winning is frustrating.  It's like groundhog day all over again.

Also and separately Murray assumes it is obvious that anyone who criticizes anyone else is an authoritarian who thinks the other person doesn't have the right to make the criticized choice.

By (automatically) hosting Murray's comment, Crooked Timer keeps up the tradition of putting exceptional  reasoning on the web

* I am aware of all internet traditions that exist, have existed, or might ever exist in this and in all possible worlds, so I know I am misusing the concept of "shorter" (and in the comment thread of  post which is largely a quotation of Daniel Davies too).  My reducto ad absurdum was achieved almost entirely by elision. My total creative contribution = "=".

ps I know this is just a flame not a flame war and that only in my dreams will anyone bother responding to my juvenile snark.  Now I am tired and off to bed to sleep, perchance to dream of flame wars.

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Noni Mausa said...

The Republicans keep saying we should look at the country like a family. Okay, I can do that.

Over and over, the post-Ike Republican party and policies remind me most of all of an abusive, alcoholic spouse.

Check out this list, for instance:

-- Control
...achieved with criticism, verbal abuse, financial control, isolation, cruelty, etc. The need to control may deepen over time or escalate...

-- Entitlement
...a belief in having special rights without responsibilities, justifying unreasonable expectations. He will feel the wronged party when his needs are not met and may justify violence as self-defense.

-- Selfishness & Self-centredness
An expectation of being the centre of attention, having his needs anticipated. May not support or listen to others.

-- Superiority
Contempt ...for the victim as being stupid, unworthy...

-- Possessiveness
Seeing [people] as property.

-- Confusing Love & Abuse
Explaining [austerity] as an expression of his deep love.

-- Manipulativeness
A tactic of confusion, distortion and lies. May project image of himself as good, and portray the [victim]as crazy or abusive.

-- Contradictory Statements & Behaviours
Saying one thing and doing another, such as being publicly critical of [governments] who abuse [citizens.]

-- Externalization of Responsibility
Shifting blame for his actions and their effects to others, especially the [victim], or to external factors ...

-- Denial, Minimization, & Victim Blaming
Refusing to acknowledge abusive behaviour, not acknowledging the seriousness of his behaviour and its effects, blaming the victim...

-- Serial Battering
...abusive in relationship after relationship.

From here:

Since this has been the pattern of the modern Republicans for at least 30 years, getting them to move back in and try to work things out is, um, contraindicated.


PS Plus, the ex has been stalking the house where the new step-dad is trying to make things work, playing loud music all night, throwing gravel at the windows, scaring the mailman away and infuriating the neighbours. --NM