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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Republicans vs Cell Phones

I admit it, I have a vaguely negative feelings about Republican politicians and cell phones.

My hatred of cell phones dates back to the old old days when they were show off status symbols for the rich (yes I'm that old).  I also don't like the fact that in Italy I'm not considered a responsible adult because I don't keep a charged cell phone near myself at all times (and for many many other reasons of course like I'm not a responsible adult but why blame myself when I can blame my cell phone).

But I guess I just have to decide which I dislike more.  Oddly I am not mainly thinking about how the pollsters Republican pols love are those which don't call cell phones.  It isn't even the best political ad ever

Which I don't blush to say just brought tears to my eyes.  Literally (not in the Joe Biden sense I just wiped one away).

No it's because it has become unclear whether the Republican party will be extinct before or after they figure out that almost everyone (except me) carries a viceo camera around these days.

No not Mr 47%

Not Thomas the Voteless Thomson Governor

But the richest nutcracker in the nutmeg state

No not that painful video.

This one.

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