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Monday, September 01, 2008

Profile in Courage (beefy very beefy)

Ah he just walked off screen.

Here is was CNN's feed from Grande Isle where Gustav is hitting with uhm considerable force.

update: That link is now shut off

However this shows spray going over the Industrial canal flood wall (
the other side than the wall that failed in 2005).

My 11 year old and I were sympathising with the camera crew who are staying there for hours in the wind and rain in the hope of getting 10 seconds on the air.

Then this guy with a hand held camera walked into the extreme wind to film the main camera and its crew (showing how brave they are). He only got to be seen on the web I bet.

My daughter has decided not to work for CNN.

I noted that the daring camera man was well suited to the task as he is not uhm a lightweight.

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