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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

At times like this, I shouldn't remember old quarrels but Jonathan FBD Weisman outdoes himself in this article.

headling (not by him)

House Leaders Vow to Seek Compromise

After $700B Bailout Is Rejected, Lawmakers Blame Each Other

paragraph 6 count them 6 !

On the 228 to 205 congressional vote, 140 Democrats voted yes and 95 voted no; 133 Republicans opposed the measure, while 65 approved.

If this is a blameworthy event, it is clear that the Republicans are to blame.

The headline isn't even a "opinions on shape of earth differ" headline, because even the Republicans admit that the Democrats aren't to blame.

From the article by
Paul Kane and Lori Montgomery
which got a smaller headline "How the Numbers Failed the Leaders"

Republicans initially lashed out at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), accusing her of delivering a partisan speech before the vote and costing them a dozen votes. But later, in interviews after tempers cooled, GOP leaders said they had been fighting an uphill battle from the start -- too many conservatives rejected the idea of a large, taxpayer-funded intervention, and too many moderates came from swing districts where constituents were up in arms over the bailout. wrote a he said she said headline after he (and what a he) admitted that his accusation was false.

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