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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On Sunday the Washington Post published a long article by Donald Luskin arguing that the economy is fine and the Lehman salvage plan fell through.

How did Brad DeLong resist writing about the stupidest man alive contributing to the death spiral of the Washington Post which friends don't let friends read ?

Others are writing

Kevin Drum

"So here's my guess: the Post wanted to run a "balancing" piece in the Outlook section arguing that the economy was basically OK and Bush had done a good job running it. Apparently no one smarter or more intellectually honest than Luskin — which includes just about everyone — was willing to do it. Which should tell you something."

The eternal optimist, I assumed they were just trying to say "Fuck Brad DeLong" without using a four letter word.

Matthew Yglesias

"The weird thing about Luskin is that he isn’t just a right-wing propagandist; he actually seems to run a business where real people pay him real money for financial advice. It’s a strange world."

My theory is that they do the exact opposite of whatever he advises them to do. In fact, I might want to buy some financial advice from Mr Luskin, the man's timing is uncanny.

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