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Friday, September 26, 2008

The debate format is totally unfair to John McCain.

It would be completely unreasonable to expect Senator McCain to show up in Oxford for the debate given the absurd ground rules. Every child knows that two against one is totally unfair. Senator McCain is expected to be able to debate not only Barack Obama but also himself.

Just on the economy and the bailout he would have to argue with not only Obama but also the guy that said the fundamentals of the economy are sound (or the one who said this is the worst crisis since WWII) and the one who said the problem was greedy bankers hiring lobbyists to avoid deregulation (or the one who said the solution is deregulation) and the one who said yes to the Paulson bail out *and* the one who said yes if Dodd/Frank like conditions are met and ...

Not to mention the other issues.

Look I don't want the debate to be fair, but I do want to give Senator McCain half a chance. I propose that Obama be required to wear a gag.

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