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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The 25th Column


Rumors off

I have heard a rumor that the left blogosphere was full of a rumor recently. For people who have lives, I would like to point out that I live the the left blogosphere and I learned about this rumored rumor from the McCain campaign.

Until they decided to complain about it, all I knew was that some commenter somewhere wrote "troopergate, bridgegate and babygate" causing me to think "huh what's babygate" and that Brad DeLong had a learned post on the furthest extremes of political paranoia referring to doubts about the maternity of the heir to James II. I had no idea why he was posting on that, but I often have no idea why Brad is posting on something which is part of why I read his blog.

Now I know that the rumor appeared in a dailyKos diary, which is at the level of some comment somewhere as anyone can be a dailykos diarist (I'm a dailykos diarist. are you a dailykos diarist ? If not why not ?). The diary was discussed at length by by Andrew Sullivan who referred to us as al Qaeda's fifth column. Now, since he supports Obama, he apparently counts as a liberal hence the 5th columns 5th column or 25th column.

This reminds me of the case of Larry Johnson of no quarter the ex CIA friend of Valerie Plame Wilson bitter opponent of George Bush and, now, Barack Obama who reminds us that, while Feith and Mylroi are crazier than the CIA, it is the organization that insisted that rocket casings were gas centrifuges.

I think the lesson is totally irresponsible idiocy iokiyar so watch out if they switch sides as the fact that they have been very successful doesn't mean they aren't irresponsible idiots.

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