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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

John McCain not only lies More than Nixon, but is also more determined to say "9/11" thank Giuliani.

McCain said he wants an inquiry into what led to the current mess, though he did not offer details.

"We're going to need a '9/11 Commission' to find out what happened and what needs to be fixed," he said.

Now Giuliani would probably not have mentioned 9/11. More likely, he would have described how he prosecuted insider traders.

update: A longer quote is much much more absurd.

We're going to need a '9/11 Commission' to find out what happened and what needs to be fixed," he said. "I warned two years ago that this situation was deteriorating and unacceptable. And the old-boy network and the corruption in Washington is directly involved, and one of the causes of this financial crisis that we're in today. And I know how to fix it, and I know how to get things done.

So sentence 1 we need a commission to find out how to fix it and by sentence three he already knows how to fix it. So does he already know the answer or not ? That is a record speed flip-flop.

Sentence 2 about Washington insiders who helped make this mess and benefited personally for their efforts is valid and on point. The number one target would have to be Phil Graham ... ooops.

John McCain

More addicted to lies than Richard Nixon

More addicted to 9/11 than Rudolph Giuliani

More determined to stay in Iraq than George Bush (also no better informed and less humble see update above).

Got more out of adultery than Bill Clinton

Depended more from the advantages of his birth than George Bush Sr

Older and less able to avoid goofs than Ronald Reagan

More self righteous that Jimmy Carter

Less athletic than Gerald Ford

More stubborn than Lyndon Johnson

Gained more from being a press darling than John Kennedy

Less able to understand the difference between being President and being an army officer than Dwight Eisenhower (also probably insists on even briefer briefings).

Done less for reform than Harry Truman had done before he became President.

More in love with his own voice than Franklin D Roosevelt

More out of touch than Herbert Hoover

More anti-worker than Calvin Coolidge

OK you stumped me.

But still he would be the worst President in every way, since Warren Gamaliel Harding.

Worse public speaker than Warren G. Harding and more in bed with corrupt lobbyists.

Less realistic foreign policy than Woodrow Wilson. Also see above on stubborn and self righteous (but probably wouldn't segregate rest rooms by race I'll grant you that).

More out of touch than Howard Taft

More imperialist than Theodore Roosevelt.

More likely to be remembered only for something to do with Alaska than McKinley.

Shown less gonadal discipline than Grover Cleveland

More dependent on faded military glory than Harrison (even though Harrison II was the grandson of tippicanoe Harrison).

Shown more respect for the confederate flag than Cleveland

More in bed with corrupt lobbyist than Arthur

Contributes more to funny cartoons than Garfield (It's hard to find fault with a guy who was shot as soon as he took office).

Has same attitude towards stolen elections and Hayes but is more willing to give up on crucial policy issues to get the White House.

Relies on a more dangerous drug than Grant

Will confront congress more than Johnson

More willing to send US soldiers to their deaths thank Lincoln
(sorry hard to find a fault with Lincoln so I fault his times)

OK you got me, less likely to lead the country to civil war than Buchanan.

Now worst President in every way since Buchanan.

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