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Friday, October 05, 2007

Willard [Mitt] Romney explains how the market system works

He opposes the expansion of SCHIP [subsidised health insurance for children in families which make less than $ 6O,OOO for a family of 4] noting that some of the new recipients currently have health insurance

Mr. Romney told a New Hampshire audience yesterday that the proposed expansion was wasteful duplication.

“Can you imagine doing something like that in your enterprise, saying we want to get a new customer, so we’re going to lower the price to get this new account by 10 percent but then we’re going to go to all of our old customers and all give them 10 percent off too?” Mr. Romney said.

That is, in the private sector firms can manage perfect price discrimination and never sell an thing for less than the maximum a consumer is willing to pa. Charging an one less than their reservation price is proof of public sector inefficiency

This man made money in the private sector. He can't be that dumb. He is lying.

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