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Friday, October 12, 2007

Bait and Switch at the New York Times

The headline is "Liberal Base Proves Trying to Democrats"

Accurate Headlines would be
"GLBT rights advocates who are angry about a bill which would ban discrimination against GLB Americans Prove trying to Frank"


"Republicans claim that Liberal Base Proves Trying to Democrats"

DAVID M. HERSZENHORN has one case in which congressional Democrats are debating with advocacy groups over compromise and Barney Frank criticizes the advocacy groups (Frank is frank). He wants to make the case that this is an example of a general problem with radicals advocating timetables for withdrawal from Iraq (supported by a huge majority of citizens) and strenthened CAFE standards.

To do so, he hands the mike over to Republicans so they can explain how Democrats feel about their liberal base.

He has Frank being frank on one issue and Pelosi's spokesman stating a general principle "“One of the things she says is that an activist — that’s their role to be persistent and unsatisfied and try to push the envelope,” Mr. Daly said. “But when you are in a position of leading, in Congress, you have to be realistic at some point.”" in which advocates are praised for advocating and Pelosi is quoted as explaining why she doesn't always do what they advocate. HERSZENHORN might guess she finds the experience trying, but he presents no evidence. So he asks Republicans to explain what Democrats really think

"Representative Adam H. Putnam of Florida, chairman of the House Republican Conference, said"

"“Barney Frank is not gay enough?” asked Representative Thaddeus McCotter, Republican of Michigan, one of the most conservative members of the House ."


"Some Republicans in the House have said".

This article is not a joke. It is in the New York Times not The Daily Onion. I know that because I am not amused (also I checked the URL).

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