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Saturday, October 27, 2007

I assume this is a joke right ?

The alleged Family Security Matters list of the 10 most dangerous organizations in America is a rant written by Jason Rantz (bit obvious no) which contains the immortal line

"It’s hard to believe a group like this still exists. The League of the South is a sexist and racist group of Southerners who call for the cessation of the South.

It seems that the League of the South agrees with Mr Rantz that they, their neighbors and well everyone sould of the Mason Dixon line should cease to exist. Heyyyy my mom and dad live south of the Mason Dixon line !

Would be dangerous if they learned how to spell (the league that is, my mom and dad know how to spell, they just never taught me).

Over at Sadly No! Jillian is pretending to believe it's for real.

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