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Thursday, October 25, 2007

I am not disappointed by the latest Washington Post Fact Check

It is no longer possible for the WAPO fact check to disappoint me.

In fact I am trying to be amused

The headline Pinocchio Time for Al Gore is remarkably bold as it might remind people of the "pinocchio vs dumbo" storyline for the 2000 elections and lead them to ask how honest dumbo has turned out to be.

The first exibit to support the claim that Gore makes false claims of fact is, of course, a quote of a false statement by KALEE KREIDER. The emminent fact checkers seem to have overlooked the irrelevant fact that Kalee Kreider and Albert Gore are, in fact, two different people.

Also the evacuation of Tuvalu is not yet complete so global warming has not yet wiped an entire country off the map (literally) so what's the big deal.

The important point is that Gore said "had to leave" not "have to leave".

Just wake me up when it's over (the Washington Post that is).

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