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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More on Marshall on the debate.

Like Matt Yglesias, I was impressed with this argument from Marshall

But another point -- diplomacy is a tactic, not a strategy. Our whole strategy is wrong in the region. Leaving more time for the diplomatic phase of the policy just delays getting to where the policy is taking us: full-scale war with Iran.

So true. During the Iraq debate the relatively dovish position was to ask for more time before invading. Once you get to that point, the serious debate is over.

I would add that, diplomacy involves, you know, talking to people and just being willing to talk is not good enough if you haven't decided what to say. Iran is not going to close Natanz just because we ask nicely. We have to offer them something in exchange for their to be any point to diplomacy.

It would be unwise for a candidate to negotiate with Tim Russert, so there isn't anything they could do to reassure me. I'll just give one hint. Threatening Ahmedinijad that we will bomb is like threatening briar rabbit with the briar patch.

US bombing is his only hope for re-election.

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