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Saturday, October 06, 2007

All the ducks in a row

The White House illegally stopped secure archiving of e-mails because they switched to microsoftware

The National Security Archive and CREW lawsuits paint a picture of a White House that gave low priority to compliance with its archival duties under the law. The research institute alleges that the Executive Office of the President abandoned the automated record management system (ARMS) built by the previous administration to securely archive e-mails in 2002, never implementing another system for that purpose. The time period for the abandonment of the legacy archival system coincides with the Executive Office of the President's switch from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, referred to by White House Press Secretary Dana Perino in an April 13 press briefing.

"In 2002, they abandoned Lotus Notes, went to Microsoft Outlook, abandoned ARMS, but never put in a new electronic records management system. So I'm told they just dumped e-mail on servers. This meant that anybody with access to the servers could potentially dump data and delete documents," said Weismann.

"Each agency of the EOP's records are commingled. It's all just a dump. How much is missing? I think 5 million is the low end of what's missing."

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but this is the funniest post over there

Why, Pastor Swank? Why dost thou persecuteth me?

Greasy Giuliani Slips Through Every Tight Hole
J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Is this Swank guy for real ? It would be very embarrassing to make fun of, say General J C Christian.

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