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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kung Fu Monkey is twisted but he (or she) sure aint dumb either.

this is awesome.

For chrissake, only 17% of Americans live in rural settings anymore. Only 2 million of those people work on farms or ranches (USDA figures). Hell, only ten percent of the average farm family's income even comes from farming anymore (did you know that? I didn't. Funky). [snip]

Four million people in the US play World of Warcraft. And yet, do I ever hear:

ANDERSON: We stopped by the gates of Ogrimmar in Durotar, on the east coast of Kalimdor, where one local told us Hollywood just can't relate to the level-grinding life.

UNIDENTIFIED ORC: They've never been back here, questing Razormane or Drygulch Ravine, y'know ... or farming for Peacebloom and Silverleaf. They're out of touch.

No. No I do not.

Now I ask you dear reader (if any) do you want to know how it's playing in Durotar as much as I do ? I mean why don't they poll virtual reality. I'd love to know whether world of warfare is a red state (of mind) and second life is blue. Wouldn't you ?

Ah the monkey has an update "Also -- orc joke. I believe that is the first orc joke ever linked in the New York Times, and I am taking my win and going home."

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