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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Seriously Folks

8-gate is no laughing matter. Obviously sensible people should go to Josh Marshall who (with his admirable junior associates like Kiel and Rood) has outpaced, surpassed and lapped the whole MSM leaving them in the dust and showing them how to do their jobs.

However, I was struck by this

In September, Sampson produced another list of firing candidates, [snip]

Iglesias, the New Mexico prosecutor, was not on that list. Justice officials said Sampson added him in October, based in part on complaints from Sen. Pete V. Domenici and other New Mexico Republicans that he was not prosecuting enough voter-fraud cases.
Recall Iglesias had a very unpleasant (and improper) phone conversation with Domenici in October. Here is proof beyong reasonable doubt that he was fired because Domenici decided he should be fired around the time of that call. I don't see how Domenici avoids censure on this one.

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