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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is this Norman Rogers guy for real ?

Update: Is the Pope Hindu ?

Very Late update stolen from Talking Points Memo

Look I am deeply deeply embarrassed at how long it took for me to be sure that "Norman Rogers" was spoofing, but, really, the Bush administration is so crazy but so crazy that it is hard to tell what is parody and what is reality (except that reality is typically too extreme to be convincing parody).

Only the best can serve.

You know that former US Attorney John McKay was canned up in Washington state over the much mentioned 'performance problems'. Now one of the three men the White House is considering as his replacement is former Congressman Rick White (R-WA). The only problem, as TPM Reader JK points out, is that White is currently not authorized to practice law in the state. His law license was suspended in 2003 after he forgot to pay his bar fees.

According to the Seattle Times ...

White's license was suspended by the state Supreme Court in August 2003 for failing to pay his bar dues. He was reinstated to the bar in 2005 after paying a small fee, but currently holds an "inactive" status. That means he can not practice law in Washington until he pays his full bar dues, about $390, and demonstrates that he is current on required Continuing Legal Education classes, said Washington State Bar spokeswoman Judy Berrett.

So it's basically onward and upward with meritocracy.

-- Josh Marshall

I'm over at Political Animal reading comments on the post that links to this blog and I run into a strange character who uses the screen name "Norman Rogers." He mostly seems to be there to argue with Kevin Drum and other commenters. Often this is called trolling but I don't think that is fair. To Debate a large group of people who disagree with you seems to me to be a courageous contribution to ending ideological segregation, making people think, debate, democracy and lots of good stuff (not like I'm commenting on LGF or anything).

On the other hand, maybe "Norman Rogers" is a total spoof parody of a Republican invented to slander the Bush White House he (or she or they) wrote

"What I am interested in this morning are the names of the other lawyers
who Sampson and Miers wanted to appoint. We know Tim Griffin. Who were the
others? Where they political operatives?"

Even though I am
not a lawyer, I was approached in 2004 with
the prospect of being the US
Attorney for New Hampshire. [I am a Bush Pioneer,
Ranger level three, having
raised slightly more than $176,000 from 1999 to 2004]
At the time,
I told my good friend Harriet Miers that I had other
obligations. Not only
was I knee-deep in personal problems, but that my request
for a pardon for
violating several SEC laws in the mid-1990s was still being
processed and I
did not want to have to answer questions from local reporters.
The local
media in the Northeast does not roll over and suck eggs quite as
as the Washington Press Corps, in case anyone did not already
"scandal" is nothing more than a tempest being brewed in a teapot
made by
the liberal media. How convenient that, not five minutes after you
for the head of the innocent Mr. Libby and got it that you liberals found
yourselves with the basic ingredients to whip up another non-scandal to keep
your palpitating little hearts all aflutter.
What's next? Are you going
insinuate that the Secretary of State signed a treaty with the Oneida
without first getting the Senate to debate the treaty for 24

Posted by: Norman Rogers
on March 13, 2007 at 9:22 AM PERMALINK

Now it seems to me that, if the Bush administration really offered to make a non attorney who happened to have raised tons of money for Bush a US attorney, that would be a bigger scandal than the Pearl Harbor day Purge.

Next comment by Norman Rogers

"'Goodness knows the US Attorney should be a political operative, not an actual, you know, attorney.' Do you have a point? Of course a political appointee is a "political operative."This is not the civil service, you know."

Note that the Supreme Court is also not the civil service. Does Mr Rogers think that Supreme Court Justices are political operatives ? Do I even have to ask, he supports Bush, of course he thinks Supreme Court Justices are political operatives. The rest of his comment is playing dumb, pretending the issue is that Bush appoints Republicans and not that he fires his Republican appointees when they prove insufficiently partisan (and asks non Senators to rewrite bills without the knowledge of any Senator which sure sounds worse than a purge to me).


the person who is "out of their mind" is the person who believes Janet Reno
and Jamie Gorelick were "competent."
I believe Mr. Reno (pun intended!)
failed to adequately investigate whether or not China paid for the 1996
re-election of Clinton/Gore. I believe Mr. Reno (I'm hilarious!) will go down as
the greatest fraud and charlatan who ever held the position of Attorney General,
bar none.
Jamie Gorelick? Thanks for the memories, toots.
Bwah hah hah
hah hah hah hah!

Ah yes Clinton Fund raising was not investigated. I read all about it (while Republicans were selling the US to K street and no journalist objected).

I hate to write like John Hinderaker but "Norman Rogers" seems to me more like the nightmare vision of Republican which torments a liberal who smoked to many "hallucinogenic mushrooms"than like a real live Homo sapiens.

All I can say is that I sure hope that "Norman Rogers" is a hoax.

However someone else has a constructive suggestion

"Moderators, You might need to look up this person's IP address for congressional investigators as a potential witness to subpoena. : )Posted by: Apollo 13 on March 13, 2007 at 10:05 AM "

Crawford, we have a problem.

OK my hope that "Norman Rogers" is a hoax is growing

"Moderators, You might need to look up this person's IP address for
congressional investigators as a potential witness to subpoena. : )"

Intimidation will not silence me! I am a Republican, sir! I cannot be killed,
I cannot be moderated and I cannot be silenced!
This is outrageous! So
typical of you crazy, drooling lefties to try to moderate away the voice of
Where is the thanks and the appreciation that I so richly deserve
pointing things out to you?Posted by: Norman Rogers

OK never mind.

Mr. Jay:
"B. Bringing any charges of anything against anybody in this
admin. despite four years of incessant whining on all of the illegalities.
Sir, please do not bait the liberals. They will cite the convictions of Mr.
Safavian and Mr. Libby, and a whole host of other embarrassments to refute you.
A better point to have made would be to say that "no one has indicted the Vice
President for anything as of noon today."

Thanks Norman you had me going there for a while. I should have known that to be a Bush Rander level III, you have to raise over $ 180,000. Pardon my ignorance.

"I was never asked, actually. But had I been asked, my numerous personal problems and my felony convictions would probably have precluded me from accepting the Presidency of Iraq (interim, of course.)"

oh. my. God. get this man his own blog.

and finally

"I'm officially nominating Norman for a Webbie in the category of Best Parody Troll.Posted by: Disputo on March 13, 2007 at 11:29 AM PERMALINK "

I second the nomination

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