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Friday, March 09, 2007

It's all a Commie plot

"Lula recalled that he has been pushing ethanol on Bush for some time."

So that's it. Lula (slogan no longer "our aim is not to reform capitalism it is to eliminate it") has been pushing Bush off the wagon, presumably on the Leninist principle that "the worse he is the better he is."

Seriously though, I never expected to see a photo of W with Lula who was declaring a "a strategic alliance that will allow us to convince the world that everyone can change the energy blend."

Sure showing that everyone can change his political brand.

p.s. I admire Lula very much and also admire his willingness to do whatever it takes to fight global warming, even declare a strategic alliance with the worst president ever. And why is it that I am sure that the guy who left school when he was 14 had to explain everything slowly and clearly to the Harvard MBA ?

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