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Thursday, March 08, 2007

All quiet on the Western Front of the War on Easter

Both John Gibson and Brad DeLong have complaints about warlike activities in Walnut Creek.
This may be the first sentence ever written that begins "Both John Gibson and Brad DeLong".

John Gibson believes that the War on Easter began five years ago in Walnut Creek (in an event known as "the shot not heard round the world."

This year, John Gibson is carrying the “War on Easter” mantra, hailing it today as “an incredible development.” Gibson cited efforts by the city of Walnut Creek, California, to rebrand the Easter bunny as the “spring bunny.”

Brad DeLong fears being mistaken for a Turkey

A Walnut Creek retirement community is using a new tactic in the escalating suburban struggle to rein in wild turkeys that damage landscaping and cover sidewalks and decks with bird poop. A hunter is shooting the birds with a silencer-equipped rifle

I just hope that the "U.S. Department of Agriculture hunter" doesn't off the Spring Bunny as he or she hides decorated Spring eggs.

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