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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Overblown Personel Matter needs a snappy name. I like "8-gate", but "the Pearl Harbor Day Massacre" isn't bad either.

This is huge. Basically, it is now known that the Attorney General committed perjury. I'm sure the Justice Department with investigate without fear or favor. We sure don't want a special prosecutor do we. More importantly, it is now proven that the Bush administration attempted to distort (subvert) justice for partisan gain. This is no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention (and not just to this particular scandal).

My most favoritest bit in the article is this

"Bush 'believes informally he may have mentioned it to the AG during the meeting discussing other matters,' Perino said. "

This is a totally new to me usage of "informally". I try not to be stuffy here, so I write informally, but, not being a guy with whom one would want to drink a beer like the President, I haven't attained the ability to believe informally. Let me work on it.

yes did it.

I believe informally that "believes informally" can be translated into English as follows "Our current line is that Bush may have mentioned it to the AG, but we reserve the right to change that fact to fit our policy once we figure out how we are going to try to wriggle out of this one."

I still don't know what absolute rock hard proof exists that forced Bush to admit that he may have mentioned it to the AG. He has followed the example of Richard Nixon religiously, so maybe he had a tape recorder running or something.

This is wonderful too

"Tasia Scolinos ... said the department still believes the firings were 'based on performance-related considerations.'" I wonder how long it will be until they get to "preformance-related program activities". To be fair an intollerably non-partisan application of the law is a "performance-related" issue, so Scolinos is telling the truth.

"To lose is always painful, but to lose to those buffoons is humiliating" -- Antonello Solinas

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