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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Oprison off to Prison for a Giffen bad ?

Help me out here Paul, don't make me google.

The estimable Paul Kiel crack intern reporter at America's finest news source (I've enjoyed reading it more than the Onion recently) points out that the White House was involved in falsely denying White House involvement in the effort to make White House hack Richard Giffen US attorney in Easter Arkansas. However, he doesn't make it clear enough for me to know who is nailed.

The e-mail describes Sampson's intention of involving the White House but the to list consists only of DOJ employees. However, the 3rd page of the document is an email to one Christopher G. Oprison.

And who might that be ? I asked the google and found that he was appointed Associate Counsel to the President last November. He appears to have worked on the e-mail making false claims to congress about the activities of the office where he works. This would be a violation of the federal False Statements statute, 18 USC 1001, which makes it a felony to cause another person to make a false statement to Congress.

very quick update: reading on up TalkingPointsmemo I see that Kiel is, of course, googling well ahead of me (I meant what I said about "crack" and "finest." Indeed he is the person in the White House who was directly informed by Sampson of the fact that the claim he signed off on is false in a previously released e-mail. This is in the bit of the e-mail posted then deleted on as noted by me as linked to by Kevin Drum.

Oh my.

Hope bandwidth holds up for C-Span3 so I can watch Sampson Agonistes live THURS., C-SPAN3, 10AM ET.

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