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Sunday, June 19, 2005

I agree with Steve Soto (via Josh Marshall of course).

I too am delighted that the GOP won't fold its losing hand. In particular I agree with raising the FICA ceiling

Democrats should be able to argue that it is far preferable to address the system’s solvency within the current program through a more politically-popular increase in the tax withholding ceiling, than it would be to funnel surpluses that are already being misused towards Wall Street.

Soto doesn't discuss the Democrats' prefered Metternichian strategy "change nothing and watch." Given the suicidal Republicans, there is little political difference between "raise the ceiling" and "change nothing and watch," but, like Soto, I think the first would work even better. My guess is that the reason the Dems haven't tried it is that they have an agreed strategy and any proposed new strategy might threaten their unity. It is also possible that they believe that, whatever people say in polls, the Republicans will be able to attack them effectively if they propose any tax increase.

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