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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Guido Salvini

A strang twist in the case of Nasr Osama Mostafa Hassam occured when Guido Salvini ordered the arrest of Nasr Osama Mostafa Hassam who is currently in a prison in Egypt. Salvini explains that the provision also protects the individual and protects, in the first place, the right of the Italian state to prevent the removal of people subject to its juristiction and to avoid situations which are out of judicial control "Il provvedimento tutela anche l’individuo e tutela in primo luogo il diritto dello Stato italiano di impedire la sottrazione di soggetti sottoposti alla sua giustizia e di evitare situazioni giuridicamente incontrollabili".

Now, one wonders, why issue this order on the day another GIP was ordering the arrest of 13 CIA agents ? It wouldn't be that Dr Salvini is an insane publicity hound who can't stand other magistrates getting their name in the papers along with the acronym CIA ?

It sure would. Until recently Salvini was a giudice istruttore handling a case from before the reform. In that capacity he reported as known facts a considerable fraction of the paranoid semi rumors about the CIA that circulate in Italy.

In particular, he is convinced that a US Navy officer named Capt. David Carret was involved in the bombing of Piazza Fontana, the act of terror which opened the years of terror in Italy. Dr Salvini was not able to convince the trial judges of this theory. In fact, they are not convinced that there is or was such a US Navy officer named "Carret o Garret". Their sentenza says more research is needed on "Carret o Garret".

All I can personally say is that google was stumped. With all due respect, I'd say it should have been possible to find out if the US Navy employed a Captain David Garret or a Captain David Carret in Italy in 1970.

On the other hand googling Guido Salvini yields an embarassment of riches given his obligation to be discrete and communicate through official acts.

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