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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Great article here on corruption in the US congress by Art Levine. Those guys (and gal) sure are getting blatant about it. I have little to add to these points on nepotism (or exploiting daughters to cash in) "Daughter Karen’s political-consulting business may best illustrate this savvy blending of political and ?nancial interests. Karen Waters blandly assured the Los Angeles Times that “Maxine Waters is one of my clients,”" and "In Washington, nepotism can be just another way to cash in political favors. Last year, the Los Angeles Times reported that Karen Weldon, a novice 30-year-old publicist with little experience in foreign policy, had won handsome PR and consulting contracts worth $1 million from at least three foreign clients -- all of whom have been aided by her father, Curt Weldon,." I would just like to ask Mr Levine what babe named Karen done him wrong ?

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