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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bigotry and Stupidity in my home county from the N.Y. Times

Last month in Montgomery County, Md., a parents' group, alarmed because revisions to a health education course for 8th and 10th grades included a discussion of homosexuality and a video that demonstrated how to use a condom, went into federal court and gained a restraining order to halt them. The county school board then voted 7 to 1 to eliminate the amended program, six months after unanimously approving it.

That's Montgomery County Maryland (not Montgomery Alabama). I grew up there and am shocked to find it first on the list of religious right efforts against pro gay rights activities in public schools. I hope and believe that that key issue was the video. I personally am very very strongly opposed to squeamishness about condoms. I would be willing to perform in such a video (although the uhm prop would look incredibly small to those who see such things on film only via porn).

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