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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My Religion (if I had one)

I am an atheist. At the moment I am wondering what religion I might have should I come to have any. I'd say that first I'd be Manichean then Jansenist. To me, the most plainly false part of theology is theodicy (which I can't help reading as theological idiocy) -- the justification of the ways of God to men. This is an effort to argue that their might be a deity who is omnipotent and benevolent. The challenge is due to the fact that the world clearly sucks. I mean not in any abstract sense but compared to the best world we mere mortals could imagine (and just think of how Great the best world He could Imagine must be).

Manicheans thought that this material world was the creation of a lesser and not so benevolent deity Whom they called Shaitan. Doesn't work too well since the world is not the worst i could imagine either and the evil He (or She) sure could outdo me).

Also Jansenists, while considering themselves Christian and even Catholic, thought that God was cruel (or Cruel) making people do evil and punishing them for it.

That makes some sense.

If I had religion I would worship the One who has a Sick and Twisted Sense of Humor. Most of all He (or She) seems to favour privileger and otherwise root for total utter idiocy.

Could Rand Paul be created by natural procesees ? Sure although I'd rather be far far away from those processes. Could natural processes cause Rand Paul to be 15 fucking points ahead in the latest poll ? Could mere idiocy achieve so much ? No only Idiocy (whose avatar is aqua Buddha) could make that possiblle.

I don't see any Angle for more positive proof that He (or She) is seeking to find the utter abyss of idiocy.

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Anonymous said...

A bit late, but I've been traveling. Have you considered becoming a pastafarian? It was very trendy to be one a few years ago (much like being a rastafarian was a few years before that), but that rise and fall in hipness says nothing about the underlying truth in either case.