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Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Ceci's put on weight, and turned White and had a sex change operation

This time the headline guy is Greg Levine who wrote

"Breaking: Rahm’s Resignation Confirmed; Rouse to be Acting Chief of Staff"

Wow !! To me Rouse is Cecilia (Ceci) Rouse currently one of two remaining councilors on the CEA.

But it seems that there is another Rouse in the Obama administration Pete Rouse.

By the way I was just at an (masters) thesis defence (now Master with highest honors) Raffaele Saggio further explored the case in which Rouse found that Ashelfelter and (assistant treasury secretary for economic policy) Krueger had reached an odd conclusion because they analysed very few data (it was an econometrics thesis on problems with panel data with a short time dimension).

Axhenfelter and Krueger are both brilliant and have made huge contributions and starting with a small study is a reasonable approach to research.

I don't recall the names of Bush administration economists (except for chairmen of the CEA) coming up in academic discussions.

Anyway no female or African American chief of staff yet. Ndank ndank and all that.

Ndank Ndank means "slowly slowly" in Wolof -- Rouse spent a year in Senegal and brought the word back. It is part of a saying (ndank ndank mooy jaap golo ci niaay (after many efforts the hunter catches the monkey)) about persistence in the face of difficulties, which was much quoted by PhD candidates, including Treasury Undersecretary for international affairs Lael Brainard, who definitely said it many times, while waiting over a year for senate confirmation.

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