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Thursday, September 30, 2010 headline tizio outdoes headline guy.

Premier: banche Usa salve grazie a me

LA DIRETTA Il Cavaliere al Senato: "Concludere legislatura. Ho convinto io Obama a lanciare il piano da 700 miliardi".

Live the Knight (Berlusconi) to the Senate: "Finish the legislature. I convinced Obama to launch the 700 billion plan."

First note that quotation marks in Italian headlines do not indicate quotations. It is generally considered OK to put paraphrases in quotation marks. De punctuationibus non disputandum est. I was struck that Berlusconi is taking credit for TARP when over there everyone is tryind to assign the blame for TARP to the other party. I agree with Berlusconi (ouch typing that hurt) that the TARP was an excellent act. But since when was Obama the President of the United States. Correct answer January 20 2009. La Repubblica answer, since before September 2008.

I understand that more people in the US think Obama signed TARP than correctly answer that Bush signed it, but information in newspapers is supposed to be better than the median guy's guess.

The article has what appears to be an actual quotation "Ho convinto il Presidente Usa a intervenire dopo il crac di Lehman Brothers." that is "I convinced the US president to intervene after the failure of Lehman Brothers." The US president in question is named George W. Bush. I mean is the question "who was President of the USA in 2008 really so hard ?"

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