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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Regular readers of this blog (I am just assuming that there are two of you) might have noticed that I have harshly criticized Kevin Drum and Matt Yglesias recently.

I think very highly of them. It's just that I am not much inclined to post "heh indeed," so I only comment when I think that the conclusion of a post is incorrect.

So to be brutally frank (but no more negative than that). I think that this Yglesias post shows how blogs can make the world a better place. Yglesias notes that microwaved frozen vegitables are cheap, convenient and very healthy. I don't suppose he did it just for the sake of his readers, but he lost 60 pounds eating microwaved frozen vegitables. That should get some attention.

It also reminds me of a wonderful old Yglesias post when he praised of Belle Waring who praised Quinoa (and in truly heroic blogging googled up a recipe while nursing). He pointed out, correctly, that advice on eating is much more useful to most people than advice on legislating, since we all eat and most of us aren't legislators. IIRC he typed something along the lines of "I like policy debates as much as the next guy, OK I like policy debates more than the next guy, but ..."

Kevin Drum. OK so I surfed over and the first post I read was magnificent. I'd say it is perfect.

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