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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ballance all time winner.

Jonathan Martin at Politico (via Steve Benen who reads Politico so I don't have to).

Millionaire businessman Rick Scott's surprise win in the Florida Republican gubernatorial primary Tuesday left both parties scrambling over how to cope with a candidate who possesses both glaring flaws and considerable assets.

I understand that Politico can't say Republicans have a problem, but how many Florida Democrats are distressed that they have to run against the worlds greatest welfare cheat ever. Ok it was medicare not medicaid so you better not call it welfare especially not in Florida, but don't you think "Rick Scott should have kept his hands off your medicare" might be a pretty good slogan.

Scott does, of course, have considerable assets -- financial assets that is.

I wonder what Mark Rubio feels about sharing the ticket with a criminal. I expect him to be asked that question pretty much 24/7 by Crist and Meek.

More generally, I almost hope that the media narrative will be Republican primary voters have gone completely crazy. Not gonna happen (it is true but unBallanced) but a guy can dream.

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