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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grey Lady Taking Bong Hits ?

I take a break from dumping on the headline and abstract guy or gal to note that the abstract writer seems to have abstracted from the case of Florida

Murkowski Is Locked in a Tight Senate Race in Alaska By DAMIEN CAVE 51 minutes ago
The race between Senator Lisa Murkowski and a challenger is still too close to call, but in other races, established politicians easily prevailed.

That would include established politician Rick Scott who has never held public office. Josh Marshall proposes the herbal explanation here.

Trying to be less sophomoric, I was struck by the following sentence in the actual article
She is battling for re-election in a political season in which another Senate incumbent, Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, lost a primary after switching party affiliation to Democratic from Republican, setting off fears that a tide of anti-incumbency would spell doom for sitting lawmakers.

Why didn't Cave write "raising hopes that a tide of anti-incumbency ..." ? He could even have reported without slant by writing "raising the possibility that ..." or "causing some to predict that ...". It almost seems that he views the world as an establishment insider. Nah couldn't be.

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