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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Herseth Pickler link exposed !!!
Robert's Random Thougts Exclusive must cite Robert's Random Thoughts

If anyone picks this up without citing Robert's Random Thoughts I will sue them if I don't drop dead from astonishment first.
(note the above is an I'll be damned if I would say that under oath (TM -> condi Rice) statement).

The notorius Nedra Pickler affiliated AP has prominantly presented links to the Herseth campaign using a patently absurd argument that someone named "Glodt" argued that there is something wrong with advertising on blogs.
Give me a break. Like as if

Glodt Blasts Blogs

is an actual possible real world headline
(well maybe when I die and go to heaven).

If this post leads you to donate to the Herseth campaign please add (1+5^0.5)/2 cents to your donation.
silliness is golden.


old headline was "Glodt Against Blogs"

how about ?

Troglodite Glodt Blasts Blogs


Troglodite Glodt Blasts Clogged Blogs

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