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Friday, March 26, 2004

The Bush administrations Kampf with Clarke part XIX

Josh Marshall can't keep up with the Bush administration lies about Clarke.
Marshall is great, but they are a moving target. The lies change so fast that even electronic media can't keep up.

"Now we have Richard Clarke, whom we’re now told was either a liar (Paul Wolfowitz), a fraud out to sell a bunch of books (Scott McClellan), an out-of-the-loop rube (Dick Cheney), or just a moron who couldn’t get the job done (National Security Council [NSC] spokesman Jim Wilkinson and just about everyone else on the White House payroll). "

No no no, Wolfowitz didn't say that Clarke was a liar. His spokesman did. Wolfowitz refused to back up his spokesman and sink to such an ad hominum attack for reasons that have nothing to do with the facts that the truth can eventually be determined and that Wolfowitz was under oath.

Wolfowitz chose to talk about his reading of Mein Kampf, claiming that Clarke had told someone something about it.

OK now I am thinking about foreign translation rights for Clarke's book about his struggle against ideology, idiocy and lies. Would you be amazed if the Bush administration tried to find an unbankrupt Kirch to buy the rights and Title the
German translation of the book "Mein Kampf". I mean they have tried everything else.

[update] Hey wait a minute. I got the above correction to Josh Marshall from Josh Marshall days ago. Not his fault, you can't cover the Bush administrations scrupulously without contradicting yourself. Warning the talkinpointsmemo permalinks are behaving strangely.

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