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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ambra sta scerzando

This has to be a joke.  Jake Bernstein at Propublica has an article about a scheme to make money when people die based on the fact that life insurance companies were about as sensible as mortgage lenders in the mid naughties.  The implausible name of the guy who thought up the scheme is
Caramadre that is Dear mother.

Propublica has an excellent reputation and a high quality photograph of Senior Dearmother but I'm not convinced.

Of course I have no problem with the idea that the name of the author of the article about making lots of money off of saps means amber in German.

Via @danieldavies

update:  Further reading removes all doubt although Jake Embar has resorted to an anagram to make the joke less obvious.  One of Dearmother's associates in the planto profit from the terminally ill who will not long be able to sign and get $2000 for nothing (except transfering money from an insurance company to Dearmother)  is allegedly named Maggiacomo which is an anagram for Maggio coma, that is , May coma.

Suuuuure this is a serious article about insurance regulation, well paid suckers and the Bush bubble.  Riiiight.

Another name in the article is "Hanrahan" but my gaelic is weaker even than my German (I thought Bernstein meant opal till Google corrected me causing me to remove my dumb joke about colorful but slightly bewildering reflections).

OK Google tells me that Han rahan means "very rahan" begorrah oi donna thenk ut wass rahan at aull tuh tak the munny fra reech foools that rooned the wurrld (and in particular tha Airish) ecunammy.  I'da nammed heem Hanrahight.

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