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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Miller Time

Matt Miller wrote

"So, Democrats, if you must demagogue (and I know you must), I say: Demagogue responsibly. Blast the GOP for trimming Medicare growth to cut taxes for the rich — but don’t damn the idea of slowing Medicare’s growth “the right way.”"

That is he wants the demagoguery to be based on a realistic assessment of the data and an open minded consideration of policy options. Nonetheless, because that proposal is a proposal directed at Democrats and concerning Medicare, it is a proposal for sober minded reality based demagoguery. By definition anything Democrats say about Medicare is demagoguery.

Note also that his doubt that Democrats will countenance cutting the Medicare budget "'the right way'" is completely unaffected by the fact that in 2010 Democrats cut the Medicare budget in a way of which he approves. And his ballancing concern that Ryans frauds will be joined by definitely Democratic not Republican Mediscare demagoguery is uninfluenced by the fact that Romney/Ryan campaign has ferociously denounced those cuts even though Ryan wrote them into the House Budget resolution and voted for them.

I admit that only a raging fanatic partisan party hack demagogue could object to Miller's column which calls Ryan a fraud by saying it is unfair to the Democrats. The fact that his unsupported criticisms of the Democrats are contradicted by massive evidence is no excuse.

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