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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Burying the ax I have been grinding

I think that Kilgore here admits that he was wrong wrong wrong about really existing welfare reform.

I comment (full post to come).

Today I bury the old hachet I have been grinding. Your thought on reformed welfare has, I think, evolved. Frankly, I think you have finally faced the fact that really existing welfare reform has nothing to do with the welfare reform you dreamed of back at the Progressive Policy Institute.

Not so very long ago, you denounced reporting data on current welfare (which is principally controlled to the very limited extent that it is controlled by any federal law by the 1996 welfare reform bill) as grinding old axes and playing into Paul Ryans hands.

Now essentially identical reporting is a "fine post at 10 miles square.

What is the difference between Harold Pollack's fine post and the objectivley pro Republican left deviationism of Jason DeParle and Ezra Klein (who isn't much older than the ax you claimed he was griding).

I think you owe DeParle and Klein a huge apology. The fact is that they reported the facts. You who not they were still fighting old battles from the 90s and you not they decided that reporting current events was grinding old axes.

Now I think you understand that they were totally right and you were totally wrong.

So I will stop arguing with you, since I think you have admitted that you obsession with old quarrels prevented you from being reality based.

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