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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Alternative Title

Jonathan Chait writes that social conservatives are absolutely totally 100% right about something -- they are losing because of Hollywood (meaning mostly TV now). The strikingly novel, daringly contrarian, being what Michael Kinsley once was and dreams he still is aspect of the article is that Chait makes it clear that he thinks this is a good thing. Well in any case, he convinces me that he correctly describes the phenomenon and it is a very good thing. The debate has been joined between those who denounce the evil influence of liberal Hollywood and those who argue that Hollywood is neither liberal nor influential, but what of the possibility that it is liberal and influential and this is a good thing ? Of course those who like me (and I think Chait) who are pleased by the gigantic power of modern media to shape thoughts and much more important feelings must note that the no longer new modern media have not always served the cause of toleration and progress. So I think the title of his excellent article should have been Triumph of the "Will and Grace" This explains how even when Republicans controlled the White House, House and Senate they presented themselves as an excluded and mocked majority. The US establishment as perceived by the USA is TV and TV is socially liberal. As a leftist I note that TV doesn't bother viewers with information about the extreme poverty of most of the world and much of the USA. It promotes liberalism without sacrifice for non homophobic non racists. He notes that the values promoted by TV and movies are not universally shared. I would add that they are nonetheless universally valid objective moral truths.

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