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Monday, July 23, 2007

What's in a name
Playing with Google.

Sitemeter told me that someone got here after googling congressman tom waldman. Odd, Tom Waldmann is my father, but the post had nothing to do with congressman Waldman or my family. The post referred to the most hawkish ruthless living rabbi I know of -- Eliezer Waldman.

So I went to and searched for Waldman. They got one thorough search engine over there. Searched the text of a huge pdf on Worldcom
Which shows that one Robert Waldman is a bond analyst at Salomon Smith Barney who was the first to warn the market that WorldCom's books were cooked. That's my nnamme (my name is Waldmann) and my very fifth post here* was on the hot hot exiting topic of accounting standards.

*my faulty memory lead me to think it was the very first post till I checked.

I should of clicked on "representatives" which would show that there is no congressman Tom Waldman , Tom Waldman was an administrative assistant to Congressman Howard Berman (D-CA) who has written a book.

At Robert's stochastic Thoughts we find links the old fashioned way -- we google them.

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