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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Senator David Vitter is in a bit of trouble.

His phone number appeared on the DC madam's web page. He appears to have had an affair with a prostitute in New Orleans named Wendy Cortez

Now Mark Kleiman alleges that "Vitter's commercial romance was blessed with issue. Reportedly his natural child now lives with her mother in Alexandria, VA. That they are receiving financial support from the Senator has not been shown."

If the samefacts claim is a fact, this might move things well past the embarrassment to be managed by repentance and even past the risk of not being re-elected in 2010 to actual resignation. I'd guess or at least hope it depends on whether Sen. Vitter paid child support which seems likely given Ms Cortez' current address. If he did not support his child financially, I think it is likely that he will resign.

If so, timing is critical. At the moment the governor of Lousiana is Democrat Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, but she is not running for re-election in 2007. Lousiana has an open non partisan primary. If no candidate gets over 50% of the votes, the top two vote getters compete in a a run-off.
the primary will be held on October 20, 2007, and the run-off (if needed) will be held on November 17, 2007.

Incumbent Governor Kathleen Blanco is not running for re-election; her open seat will likely have several formidable challengers, including Republican U.S. Congressman Bobby Jindal,

So, if Vitter holds out until November 17, it is quite likely that he will be replaced by a Republican. It is also quite possible that October 20 will be long enough.

Of course it is possible that the guy is shameless enough to serve out his term and that he will be re-elected.

update: D. Vitter ist Vater

rare2findd at yahoo answers claims that Lousiana news sources (no links) report that Sen Vitter did indeed father a child with a prostitute and that he pays child support. Given the failure rate of all known contraceptive methods, I don't think the fathering demonstrates additional moral recklessness and I think the child support is a very, very important extenuating factor. I'd say, so long as Senator Vitter lives up to his responsibility to support his children, it is a personal matter for the Vitters which does not reflect on Sen Vitter's competence to be a senator (as in I'd vote for him when hell freazes over but not because of his whoremastering) I understand that Mrs Vitter has chosen not to follow the example of Lorena Bobbit and I applaud her good judgment.

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Anonymous said...

Florida state Rep. Robert "Bob" Allen, R

I don't know whether this story bothers me so much as discovering that the market rate for a blowjob in Florida has dropped to a mere $20! As usual, those who are doing sloppy work have cheapened the quality and skills required for the task.

Those sloppy republicans!