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Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Kossacks work for the Czar, provided he pays above market clearing wages.

Get a load of this

As of this posting daily kos readers have voted 38 to 0 that they believe that firms can increase profits by raising wages (that is they believe in efficiency wage theory).

Now it may be that my joke no answers were provocative and made some vote yes to spite the imagined capitalist pig me, but I am amazed. I have to try this out at or something.

I have managed to get heated debate by proposing to soak the richest 3% and by proposing allowing medicare to really seriously bargain over pharmaceutical prices.

I might add there is something seriously weird at, since I managed to get 4 votes in a poll and 4 comments with the headline "Possible Medicare Formulary Outreach." Something gives me the impression that at least 4 employers of Kossacks don't know about efficiency wages.

My employer, the Italian public sector, knows and is absolutely totally opposed. For non Italian readers, the most I can stand to translate is this brief summary --

The Italian highest court of appeals has ordered a firm to rehire employees and pay them back wages, because the firm found that they were not actually working by videotaping them violated their fundamental right as Italians [to goof off] -- no sorry mistranslation -- to privacy.

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